8 Know-How Ideas about PomaBrush Experience from Our CEO – Andrei Majewski

8 Know-How Ideas about PomaBrush Experience from Our CEO – Andrei Majewski

Hello there! Andrei here – CEO of Poma and inventor of PomaBrush ☺ It’s been a joyful year for us seeing ever-growing community of PomaBrush users since our launch on Kickstarter in August 2020 (yeah, we were brave enough to launch a new business in the middle of Covid-2020…). Jokes aside, we’ve delivered 50,000+ orders to date and catching up with our supply chain to ship even more. Collecting all the feedback from the customers, I want to share with you some ideas about our product that will help you to enjoy PomaBrush to the fullest.

Idea 0 – to change your brush head, please-please-please DO NOT rotate it. Just pull it off and switch a brush head. If you rotate brush head in order to change it, rotation might damage internal structure of the product and unfortunately, we’ll not be able to replace the product under our standard warranty. Changing brush head is a simple thing, just look at it 


Idea 1 – First things first, PomaBrush is a sonic electric toothbrush, NOT rotating 🙂 PomaBrush generates 15,000 powerful, yet smooth vibrations per minute to clean your teeth to the best. 

To ensure perfect clean, you should keep your PomaBrush next to your teeth and glide around your mouth. Do not press on your teeth as this will not help to get a better clean, trust me 😉

Idea 2 – PomaBrush is a super waterproof toothbrush that you can even use in shower. However, our awesome charging case doesn’t have that high waterproof level and therefore please do not drop your wet PomaBrush inside charging case. 

Idea 3 – To be sure your charging case lives a good life; it is recommended to store it in a dry place (see Rule 2 for the reason why :)) 

Idea 4 – Whenever your PomaBrush needs a charge, drop it inside the charging case. You’ll see a little green LED blinking slowly. It means that PomaBrush gets its battery life back and once this LED is solid green – congrats, PomaBrush is 100% charged! 

Idea 5 – If you see that LED #3 is flashing quickly, it means your PomaBrush is positioned in the case incorrectly and requires a better fit. Try to reposition it and you’ll see that LED #3 is blinking slowly. 

Idea 6 – When you charge PomaCase and LED #2 is flashing quickly, it means your case has less than 15% of battery life.

Idea 7 – When you charge PomaCase and LED #2 is always on and LED #1 flashes quickly, it means your case has between 15% and 50% of battery life.

Idea 8 – When your PomaCase’s LEDs #2 and #1 are always on, it means your case has between 50% and 100% of battery life. 

As simple as that, 8 ideas will make your PomaBrush experience even better. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to share your experiences, ideas and feedback about PomaBrush. 


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