A Gift That Makes You Smile

A Gift That Makes You Smile

The holidays are approaching and again the question arises: what is the best present for colleagues, friends and family? We are constantly trying to find unique & special gifts, but how often do we think about the real benefits to the people who receive them?

A lot of research has been dedicated to this topic. Sociologists who have observed the reaction of people to various gifts have come to the conclusion: in order to give someone real pleasure from a gift, you don’t need to try too hard or spend too much. Gift satisfaction is not based on the hours or dollars spent looking for something unique or special for each of your friends. Despite our agonising over what to get, finding perfect gifts for your loved ones is actually quite simple.

Many people try to buy something sensational or extravagant in the hope of sparking a fireworks display of emotions in the recipient. But more often than not, the person who is given something doesn’t want any drama - this is the conclusion reached by Jeff Galak of Carnegie Mellon University. According to his research, the giver focuses on the moment of giving, and the giver focuses on the long term (can the received gift keep giving for a long time?)

An electric toothbrush can be a really useful gift. There is an unspoken rule that it is impolite to give a toothbrush to your boss and/or new romantic partner so as not to embarrass them. But for those who we are already close to, a toothbrush is a great gift, as it is an everyday necessity that shows you really care about the well-being and health of the receiver. A toothbrush is an extremely useful gift that your family will use every day.

Why is PomaBrush a great choice?


PomaBrush has been meticulously designed by world-class designers and engineers to ensure the perfect toothbrush - nothing more. The minimalist design, without unnecessary details, will fit any bathroom interior perfectly.

Unique Features

The main feature of PomaBrush is that it needs to be charged only 3 times a year. You no longer need to worry about frequent recharging. Take it with you on holidays, business trips or just enjoy brushing your teeth at home.


PomaBrush is presented in two types of heads, silicone for the most gentle clean of your teeth and nylon with the addition of charcoal. Thanks to their absorbent properties, charcoal toothbrushes are excellent at removing teeth stains, making your smile brighter.

Protection against bacteria

Both nylon and silicone attachments are designed to keep bacteria off. The bristles of silicone toothbrushes stay cleaner for longer because the silicone they’re made from has natural antimicrobial properties. What about the nylon head? Charcoal protects you from unwanted bacteria 2 times more effectively than a regular toothbrush. This data is confirmed by a study that was conducted in 2018. Researchers found that carbon toothbrushes contain fewer bacteria than regular toothbrushes after 1 week of use

PomaBrush is the perfect gift for both women and men. For people with or without hypersensitivity of teeth and gums. For connoisseurs of beautiful things and for minimalists. Just add a red ribbon and give your family or friends a timelessly stylish and thoughtful gift.

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