Food and Drinks that are Bad for Your Teeth

Food and Drinks that are Bad for Your Teeth

One of the first things that others notice about us is our teeth. They are a feature that is in the first line of sight, not only in person but also in photos, videos, etc.

The way our teeth look determines whether we smile big when talking to others or whether we hide them or cover them with our hands in pictures.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to any person and could be considered a priority to have good-looking teeth.

However, to have good-looking teeth, they also must be healthy. Healthy teeth and pretty teeth go hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other.

In reality, having healthy teeth is easier said and done. Teeth are by nature tender, and many factors that we would never consider can affect them negatively.

One of those factors is the food we eat and the drinks we consume. Seeing as food has to be chewed, and drinks need to be swallowed, it is logical to say that they can impact the condition of our teeth.


Unfortunately, changing a part of your diet is a must if you want to have a healthy set of teeth. First, let’s start with the foods that are most harmful and can cause the most damage.

Sweets, Candy, Desserts
“Don’t eat sweets, or your teeth will all rot out.” We have all heard this before. Sadly, this has proven to be true. The foods that damage your teeth the most are candy and sweets high in sugar.

Caramels, lollipops, hard candies, and jelly beans take some time to dissolve in your mouth, and the saliva has a harder time when washing the sugar away.

Instead of these candies, you should switch to ones that dissolve faster in your mouth, like chocolate or sugar-free candy.

Also, desserts like cakes, cookies, pies are a leading cause of tooth decay. So, they should be avoided, or their intake should be reduced.

Is Regular Sugar Okay?
Unfortunately, regular sugar is still sugar. Sugar lingers in your mouth for some hours after eating it, no matter if it’s white sugar, brown sugar, or honey.

If you eat sugar frequently, you are actively drenching your teeth in the acid that sugar contains. This practice can instantly damage and dissolve your tooth enamel.

Pickles Are Dangerous
The pickling process contains vinegar, among other things. Vinegar contains acid. The acid eats at your teeth and enamel and therefore makes the consumption of too many pickles dangerous.

Additionally, most pickles contain sugar, which causes the formation of cavities.

So, it would be best to be careful with the number of pickles you consume and try to reduce that number.

Citrus Fruits Are a No Go
Even though citrus fruits are good food and included in diets, they can be very harmful because of citric acid. The acid in citrus fruits wears out your enamel and exposes your teeth to cavities.

Citrus fruits that are highly acidic are limes, grapefruit, lemons, and tangerines. As much as these fruits are good for your health overall, they are awful for your teeth.

Pasta With No Sauce?
To the disappointment of many, pasta sauce has made its way on this list as well. Especially tomato sauce. Tomatoes in themselves are acidic, and when paired with pasta, they cause double the damage.

The acidic tomato sauce eats at the enamel of your teeth, while the carbs of the pasta feed the bacteria that cause cavities.

The damage that tomato sauce and pasta cause to teeth makes this combination twice as lethal than the other foods on this list.

So, bolognese lovers might have the most challenging time avoiding or reducing the amount of pasta they intake.


Now, we move on to listing the drinks that can cause harm to your teeth.

What Soda Is Good Soda?
Soft drinks contain acid, regardless of whether they are sugar-free or not. Soft drinks can increase the number of cavities one person has and can cause dental erosion.

If you wish to keep your teeth healthy, switching sodas with unsweetened tea or water would be best.

Now, we all know that this is easier said than done, but the effort is worth it because not only will you be keeping your teeth healthy, you will improve your health in general.

In essence, no soda is good soda.

Is Wine Acidic?
Sadly, yes. Both red and white wine contain acids that soften the enamel. The worse of the two is red wine. Red wine has tannins, which are compounds that dry your mouth and can stain your teeth.

So, if you intend to drink wine, it would be best to brush your teeth before you drink it and thirty minutes after you finish drinking.

The PomaBrush can help you with this process.

With the PomaBrush, you do not need to worry about brushing your teeth more frequently than you’re used to because the PomaBrush is designed to carefully and softly brush your teeth without any repercussions or damage the teeth and enamel.

Sports Drinks – Healthy or Harmful?
Sports drinks have a high-carb formula. In addition to being acidic, the thick liquid of the sports drinks can persevere on your time for quite some time.

So, this makes sports drinks double the trouble. They should be avoided altogether.


After considering all the information stated above, it is safe to say that many of the foods and drinks we consume daily are very harmful to our teeth and enamel.

The best solution is to try to avoid the above-listed foods and drinks altogether.

However, if you cannot avoid them, you should reduce them. Additionally, brushing our teeth according to expert recommendations is always a good idea.

One toothbrush that can help is the PomaBrush because it has built-in micromovements that reach the tiniest spaces where bacteria can reside without causing any additional harm to your teeth or enamel.

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