Should You Brush Before or After Breakfast?

Should You Brush Before or After Breakfast?

Brushing your teeth is something everyone is used to doing. We are introduced to it from the very beginning of our existence.
It is something that, after a while, feels like we have been doing since the very first day we are born.

It is common knowledge that we are supposed to brush our teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once before we go to sleep.

Also, we have our brushing techniques pretty much incorporated in our minds already.

Yet, many questions still linger even when decades have passed, and we can’t remember a time when we weren’t brushing our teeth.

One of those questions that have grown ever so popular in this century of pronounced emphasis on self-care is whether it is better to brush before or after our breakfast.

Even though there is no one clear answer to this question, most dentists and experts agree that it is healthier and better to brush before breakfast. However, it is not forbidden to brush after breakfast.

So, this article will discuss why it is recommended to brush your teeth before breakfast and how you should brush your teeth after breakfast the right way.

However, first, we should understand why it even matters if you brush your teeth before or after breakfast.


When it comes to why it matters when you brush your teeth, the answer revolves around the tooth’s enamel. The enamel is the most affected by the timing of your brushing.

The enamel covers the outer parts of the tooth, and it is the strongest tissue that exists in the human body.

However, the strength of the enamel falls prey to the acid that certain foods contain, especially breakfast foods.

According to many experts, when you brush your teeth before breakfast, you reduce the build-up of plaque and bacteria accumulated overnight.

Also, it reduces the acid response from the bacteria that breakfast foods contain.

Brushing your teeth before breakfast could go a long way in helping the prevention of more severe issues in the future.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the topic of this article.


The most bulletproof answer to this is one backed by science – while we sleep, plaque and bacteria increase in quantity in the mouth.

Washing this bacteria that has built up overnight as soon as you wake up is the best way to prevent it from doing any long-term damage to your teeth and enamel.

It is even more effective if you do so with fluoride toothpaste. The toothpaste also could help protect your teeth against the acid that your breakfast foods contain.

The PomaBrush might also come in handy here. You can use it with any toothpaste you desire, including the recommended fluoride toothpaste.

The PomaBrush can also help you to better deep clean your teeth so that you could reach every bit of plaque or bacteria that persevered in the mouth overnight.


Whether it is recommended to brush your teeth before breakfast or not, many people have already developed the habit of doing it after breakfast.

Some people do not have the time to do it before breakfast.

So, what is the best way to go about brushing your teeth after breakfast?

When brushing your teeth immediately after breakfast, you should keep in mind that some foods may leave acid on your teeth, which will weaken your enamel.

What Foods Are Harmful to Your Enamel?
Unfortunately, the most harmful foods to your enamel are the ones that we usually eat for breakfast. These foods include:

– Orange Juice

– Citrus Fruit

– Dried Fruit

– Bread

– Pastries

However, you can’t avoid these foods forever.

Brushing After Breakfast Procedure
To reduce the damage that the acids in your breakfast foods can cause, most experts recommend waiting at least thirty minutes after breakfast to brush your teeth.

It is even better if you let one hour pass. This way, you are actively protecting your teeth and your enamel.

Moreover, experts recommend drinking water or chewing sugar-free gum after finishing your breakfast and before brushing your teeth.


As mentioned earlier, it is scientifically proven and recommended by experts to brush your teeth before you’ve had your breakfast.

It does not only reduce the plaque and bacteria that had built up overnight, but it also helps you to avoid having bad breath in the morning.

Moreover, brushing before breakfast helps you avoid the damage that breakfast food bacteria can cause to your teeth and enamel.

As mentioned, if you use the PomaBrush, you will be able to clean out your teeth and the bacteria between them more efficiently than with a regular toothbrush.

The PomaBrush expertly navigates between the tiny crevices where plaque and bacteria hide using the built-in micromovements controlled and do not cause any damage to your teeth in general.

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