What Is so Special About PomaBrush?

What Is so Special About PomaBrush?

PomaBrush is a brand that started in 2020 when they launched their campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The focus of PomaBrush is creating the perfect silicone electronic toothbrush with a minimalistic design that appeals to customers.

Their product is designed to serve only its one core purpose: simplifying the personal care of each person who uses the PomaBrush and making their experience as convenient yet as fun as possible. With all of this in mind, a considerably important question arises. Why should customers choose PomaBrush instead of other brands that offer a similar product and are potentially better known?

Well, to answer this question, we do not need to look very far. The answer lies in the core of this product, in the basis on which the brand exists and operates. PomaBrush, along with many others, has three redeeming qualities that set them apart from their competitors and that would potentially incite customers to choose PomaBrush as their go-to toothbrush. Let’s start with the design.

Something vital where any product is considered is the design. It is the first thing customers come in contact with, and that makes the first impression, which we all know is one of the defining criteria for the ”to buy or not to buy” decision.

PomaBrush Design
PomaBrush follows the minimalistic movement and applies its criteria to their toothbrushes, i.e., their design. Their toothbrushes are simple, elegant, and easy to carry anywhere the user desires. They offer two colors, black and white. The toothbrushes are water-resistant and can be used in the shower.

Additionally, PomaBrush offers its customers the option to buy a PomaBrush clip, a dock on which the toothbrush can be hanged and kept in the user’s shower. Moreover, PomaBrush offers cases that are specifically suited and made for the PomaBrush toothbrushes, which makes traveling with the PomaBrush perfectly convenient.

How the PomaBrush is Made
Another interesting point when it comes to the design of the PomaBrush is that it is made with consideration to the impact it could potentially have on the planet. When making PomaBrush toothbrushes, carbon inputs are measured to decrease the use of carbon and, with that, the impact on Earth.

Also, a lot of attention and care is put on each resource used in making this product to find ways to allocate better the resources that are very limited and not waste and use more material than required.

Charging Case and Battery Life
Another thing that sets PomaBrush apart from everyone else is the efficient battery life of their toothbrushes and their charging cases. The PomaBrush has a charge of 1 month by itself, while the charging case extends this battery life for three more months.

So, when you put everything together, the PomaBrush needs to be recharged only three times a year, making it even more convenient for any lifestyle, including the on-the-go lifestyle.

PomaBrush has Wireless Charging
And if all this was not enough, the PomaBrush can also brag about their wireless charging PomaCase, which makes the recharging of the PomaBrush ever so practical. No wires included!

Customers will not need to worry about bringing extra chargers for their toothbrushes, on top of all the other chargers they have to carry with them. When it comes to the PomaBrush, the only thing they need is the PomaCase and, well, the brush itself! They will not have any additional worries about whether they brought their charger, or maybe some people forgot it at home, because they will, essentially, not need one.

The third redeeming quality on this list is silicone. PomaBrush can proudly say that its toothbrush is made entirely out of silicone.

What does this mean for the users?
Well, when you use a toothbrush that has a head made entirely out of soft antimicrobial silicone bristles, you should expect no damage to your gums or enamel whatsoever because the silicone bristles only strengthen the gums and enamel and massage them softly.

This information is only more good news for people who have sensitive gums and have trouble with finding a suitable toothbrush that won’t do any damage. Well, they need not look anymore! Their solution lies with PomaBrush!

Silicone Bristles
Additionally, the bristles on silicone toothbrushes stay cleaner longer because the silicone they are made out of is naturally antimicrobial. Another thing that users can expect from the PomaBrush is the deep and effective cleaning of their teeth.

Another significant advantage PomaBrush offers is that, because it is made out of silicone, germs accumulate neither on the brush nor on the brush itself.

So, users can rest assured that no bacteria will linger on their PomaBrush and that it will stay squeaky clean, and as mentioned before, they should replace their PomaBrush only once every six months!

Also, something that merits mentioning is that the PomaBrush does not require the usage of any particular and expensive toothpaste. Instead, it allows its user to continue using their favorite toothpaste without any repercussions for the toothbrush.

Final Thoughts
After taking everything written above into consideration, it is easy to see that the PomaBrush has qualities that are indeed redeemable and that truly set them apart. It has an impeccable design, which manages to look cool while being very convenient and practical. It is easy to carry and can be used anywhere, at home, in a car, on a plane, at an airport, bus stop, restaurant even!

It has wireless charging and extraordinary battery life in its durability, not to mention that it is effortless to recharge and carry when traveling. The durability of this product is quite a feature, and it is something that not a lot of competitors can offer and can say they have. It is made entirely of silicone, which contributes to the toothbrush a myriad of benefits and competencies that are not as easily copied and supplied as some people might think.

These three characteristics make the PomaBrush clearly unique and highly competent in saturating the needs of its intended customers.

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