Effects of Rubber-Tipped Toothbrushes on Plaque and Gingivitis © 2016 Korean Academy of Preventive Dentistry.

«It is recommended that dental patients with early stages of gingivitis use rubber tipped toothbrushes» — Learn More.

Silicone & Rubber Bristled Toothbrushes: How Do They Compare To A Normal Toothbrush?

«In this single-use study, we compared the dental biofilm removing effectiveness using silicone and conventional toothbrushes. The results of this clinical study demonstrated that both the silicone toothbrush and the conventional nylon toothbrush are capable of removing supragingival dental biofilms. Since the usage of hard toothbrush bristles is related to tooth abrasion, the softness of the silicone bristles may represent less potential to cause undesired effects due to the wrong toothbrushing technique previously discussed».

Colgate about Silicone Toothbrushes

«One potential benefit of a silicone toothbrush is its ability to gently but thoroughly clean the gums. With regular brushing, this could offer extra protection against gingivitis» — Learn More.

A Bristle-Less Tooth Brush Reduces Recession Risk Over One Year Compared to a Conventional Soft Manual Brush

«A bristle-less brush appears to be more suitable in preventing additional gingival recession in patients with a history of aggressive tooth brushing. However, the material may be important as nylon bristles compared to bristles made from other materials produced the most gingival damage in a dog model» — Learn More.

Are there Benefits to Silicone Toothbrush Heads?

«Since they are more gentle yet still effective, silicone toothbrush heads are great for people who have sensitive teeth or otherwise require a gentler brushing experience. If you’re a fan of natural products, silicone toothbrush heads are supposedly more environmentally sustainable than their more popular counterparts».

The Ugly Truth About Your Toothbrush

«Your toothbrush is home to more than 100 million bacteria including E. coli and staphylococci (Staph) bacteria, according to researchers at the University of Manchester in England. And the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that fecal germs were on your toothbrushes too. A silicone toothbrush prevents bacteria from spreading» — Learn More.

How Should I Switch to a Silicone Brush Head?

«Despite being much softer, silicone toothbrushes perform the same way as a traditional brush, being able to get in between the teeth and around the gum line to remove particles and bacteria quickly and efficiently».

How Silicone Toothbrush Heads are Different?

«Unlike nylon bristles, silicone bristles are larger and gentler, making them a good substitute for soft nylon brush heads. Moreover, they don’t harbor as much bacteria as nylon bristles do, so you don’t have to replace them as often as you would your nylon brush heads».

The Silicone Toothbrush has Similar Effect with Nylon Toothbrush in Respect of Plaque Index and Gingival Index.

A comparative clinical study on the ordinary toothbrush (Buttler®, America) and the silicone toothbrush (Jefe®, Korea) was performed. The volunteers who took part in this study were students of Dental college of Yonsei University and patients attending Dental Hospital of Yonsei University. They were classified into two group, control and experimental group. Control group brushed with nylon toothbrush and experimental group did with silicone toothbrush under the researcher's guidances. Volunteers were examined on Plaque Index(PI), Gingival Index(GI), Probing Depth(PD), Bleeding on Probing(BP) and Recession(R) at base line, 1st. week, 2nd. week and 4th. week. According to the results, both group have the tendency of improvement in the degrees of GI, PI and the improvement degree of GI of both group has the significant differences from base line statistically, and there are not statistically significant differences between the silicone and nylon group in respect of PI, GI values. So based on the present study, it could be carefully ascertained that the silicone toothbrush has similar effect with nylon toothbrush in respect of PI and GI. If it is sure that the silicone toothbrush is seldom abrasive and possibly enough to massage the gingiva, this new brush is worth to be recommended by the dentists — Learn More.

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