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Pomadent – Complete Set (Electric toothbrush + 2 sets of accessories)

Pomadent – Complete Set (Electric toothbrush + 2 sets of accessories)

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Pomadent Complete Set: Electric toothbrush + set of brush heads for 1 year + magnetic holder.

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Forget about bulky chargers: PomaBrush needs to be recharged only 3 times per year thanks to powerful charging case

Never hide your smile: PomaBrush cleans teeth up to 10x better than manual toothbrushes

No gum bleeding anymore: Silicone bristles protect gums from unnecessary damage

Shower ready: PomaBrush features IPX7 waterproof rating, you can brush your teeth literally anywhere

Brush in style: PomaBrush was awarded with a premium A'Design Award

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  • PomaBrush cleans 10 times better compared to a regular manual toothbrush and doesn't cause unnecessary harm to gums and enamel

  • Use your favourite toothpaste alongside with PomaBrush twice a day to achive blinding smile and impress everyone around you

  • Line of silicone bristles around charcoal-infused nylon bristles protect gums from unnecessary damage and reduce gum bleeding

  • To create the ultimate toothbrush, we partnered with dentists who played a key role in the development and testing of PomaBrush

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The most effective clean for everyone

Made possible thanks to innovative Nylon & Silicone brush head powered by 15,000 dynamic & soft vibrations per minute.

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    Ideal for travel & outdoor use

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    Beautiful bathroom without wires

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Needs to be recharged only 3 times per year

The brush holds 1 month of charge, and its compact charging case extends toothbrush battery life for extra 3 months.

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  • PomaBrush has great advantages: autonomy of 4 months and silicone bristles to be changed twice a year.

  • "The Best Gift For The Stylish And Practical People".

  • PomaBrush brings form to function, making your toothbrush something you want to use every day.

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Incredible tactile sensation

PomaBrush is made of safe medical grade silicone that is super soft to touch and gentle with your teeth and gums.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PomaBrush a sonic toothbrush?

Yes, PomaBrush is a sonic toothbrush. Sonic toothbrushes have vibrating brush heads that move bristles side-to-side at high speeds. Sonic brushes have an estimated 10,000-30,000 vibrations per minute, compared to a maximum of 7,500 rotations per minute with a standard oscillating (small circular heads that rotate back and forth) toothbrush. This extra-fast movement of sonic brush heads means more plaque removal compared to oscillating brush heads.

What is the difference between silicone and nylon brush heads?

PomaBrush provides a comprehensive cleaning with its silicone bristles and is gentle enough for even sensitive teeth and gums. Our soft antimicrobial silicone bristles won’t hurt your gums or enamel, as they gently massage and strengthen them. You might want to choose PomaBrush nylon brush heads for a deep clean. PomaBrush super soft charcoal infused PBT nylon bristles are designed to remove surface stains.

Does PomaBrush have a built-in timer?

Yes! With its in-built 2-minute timer and 30-second reminders to change brushing areas, PomaBrush promotes the correct tooth brushing habits recommended by dentists worldwide.

What colour options do you have?

PomaBrush and accessories come in two colours – black and white. We might have exclusive colour options for brush heads depending on the seasonality.

How often do I need to charge the PomaCase?

PomaBrush is built for your on-the-go lifestyle. Whether it's for an overseas trip or a last-minute office meeting, PomaCase keeps your brush charged for 4 months on a single charge.

Should I dry my brush before placing it in the PomaCase?

PomaBrush must be dry before placing it in the PomaCase. You can simply wipe your brush using a towel. PomaCase is not waterproof, placing a wet toothbrush inside the case may cause water leakage inside the case and further malfunction of the charging case. Please note: In the event of such malfunction we will not be able to replace your PomaCase under the standard warranty. 

Do I need to use a toothpaste with PomaBrush?

Yes! Use PomaBrush with your favourite toothpaste.

What brushing technique does PomaBrush require?

PomaBrush is a sonic toothbrush. This means you do not need to add much pressure to your brushing. You will need to slightly go over your teeth to brush them thoroughly.